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Backstreet Blinkinggirls

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2012-08-08 - 2012-08-14

"We were playing with the allure of the 'Local Girl' - our concept was to create ads for Local Blinking Girls. We took found images online of anime girls - which is the future folklore of the internet, kinda like the dolls avatar came to be once the palace chat was kinda itself ruins & romantic & shit. So before tumblr dies & anime stuff goes to heaven, ze just recycle these girls to make them dirty. They become even more local by just being associated with our blinking girls project: that's the main element about the way we treat our content, it's all internet 'local'. Everything that we take to construct it lived on the internet before, we just decided to use it. It had another meaning, context, etc. SO our girls from ur local minor street, that's why we named this project backstreet blinkinggirls. Also, because of backstreetboys tripod nostalgic souvenir. So we made ads to make them be even more local in a magazine format. These y YOUR local girls." - Blinking Girls

Collaboration with Sarah Weis